Your Online Privacy Protected

Ollie is a home security system for your internet.
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Simply Put, You Are Being Watched

In 2017 Congress voted to repeal FCC rules that barred internet companies from selling your data without permission. Apps and internet connected TV's are collecting data on you. Websites are tracking your movements across the internet. 1 in 3 web requests lead to malware. Your online security has never been more important.

Ollie Puts You In Control

Stop ads, malware, and trackers

Ollie blocks and protects you from dangerous and intrusive websites. Even if you accidently click a malware infested link, you're safe.

Keep your privacy

Your TV won't be spying on you, your ISP won't know the websites you visit, and your data will be safer.

Across all the devices in your home

You don't need to install any software. Setup in less than 2 minutes and all the devices on your network are protected.